Biontino Europe is an independent EU public affairs company founded in 2005 by Sarah Biontino. We aim to work with our client’s existing advisers (lawyers, economists, public relations) to provide a seamless and tailor-made service of high quality advice and representation, with a focus on competition issues not found in other similar consultancies, making us unrivalled in Brussels.

We believe that there are special reasons for choosing Biontino Consultants for your public affairs needs. Our team has spent time at the European Commission, and has extensive experience of competition, transport, energy, ICT and telecom regulatory and State aid issues. Between us we have built up a strong network in the Brussels community.
This means that, we are able to see the big picture and create a strategy to provide a solution to even the most difficult of problems.

Biontino Europe competition team can call on an excellent track record of providing Public Affairs advice to clients in a range of complex and/or high profile competition cases.
Firefighting: We can step in to identify potential stumbling blocks, causes for concerns and help resolve them in a satisfactory outcome.
Lobbying Strategy: We will work with you to devise a lobbying strategy which is tailor made for you.
Making it work: Critical to the success of the strategy is its execution and implementation, which in turn requires us to mobilize our contacts to work on your behalf.
Raising your company’s profile: We can help to plan a campaign to raise your company's profile in the EU and choose the right initiatives to become associated with.
Press relations: We can plan your contacts with the press to ensure that your story is the one that gets printed-or not, as the case may be!